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“The history of women’s rights, in many ways, is a story of science and technology’s influence on women’s evolution towards having more freedom to control our bodies.”

— Rachel Lehmann-Haupt


"In Reconceptions, Rachel Lehmann-Haupt brings together the best elements of narrative writing with fresh cultural observations about the dynamics of modern families and the growing influence of reproductive science. A moving, personal and deeply researched read.”

- Peggy Orenstein, bestselling author of Girls and Sex: Navigating the New Landscape and Waiting for Daisy.


In Her Own Sweet Time



“Reconceptions is an important and propellant work that prompts readers to think in fresh ways about the meaning of family. Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is an energetic, capable guide through this personal and well-reported book, on a subject that will only become more resonant as political sanctions on family structure and reproducing bodies build.”

—Rebecca Traister, New York Times bestselling author of All the Single Ladies


Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is an expert on the future of family life, career timing, and the influence of science and technology on fertility, pregnancy and family. The age of motherhood is on the rise across the developing world, and as a result many women and couples are becoming increasingly reliant on alternative choices to create their families. This includes advanced reproductive technologies like egg freezing, invitro fertilization, the use of donor eggs, and the option to become a DIY mom, a phrase Lehmann-Haupt coined. She is founder and director of The ART and Science of Family project.


Neo.Life:The Future
of Birth Control

Male contraceptive gels, “night-before” pills that disrupt ovulation, and the brave future of human contraception. “There may well be radical new narratives we so-called “rational” people will be confronted with that will challenge our beliefs, and force us to rationally and objectively ...

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First Place for General Excellence in Feature Writing, Reproductive Science

I’m very honored to announce that I won first place in feature writing from the Association of Healthcare Journalists. The story is called “Portrait of a Professional Babymaker” published in Jane Metcalfe’s publication Neo.Life. Reeder uses her money from baby-making to ...

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