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Neo.Life: The Future of Birth Control

Male contraceptive gels, “night-before” pills that disrupt ovulation, and the brave future of human contraception.

“There may well be radical new narratives we so-called “rational” people will be confronted with that will challenge our beliefs, and force us to rationally and objectively consider something that is very difficult for us culturally or emotionally, like geoengineering, genetically modified foods, or certain advanced reproductive technologies,” Jane Metcalfe writes in Neo.Life.

Through that lens, I looked at a potential new future for women’s body sovereignty.

The double threat to legal abortion and contraceptives at the state level points to the need for new definitions of body sovereignty, new routes to safe access to abortions, and new science to protect women and doctors from legal consequences. Could science really offer a solution to this unfolding social and legal problem?

It wouldn’t be the first time. The history of women’s rights, in many ways, is a story of science and technology’s influence on women’s evolution towards having more freedom to control their bodies.

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