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We work with brands and thought leaders—authors, doctors, scientists, and established and growing brands—who have a story to tell. StoryMade marries traditional editorial services with digital media publishing strategies. such as video production, books, newsletters, and SEO-driven content. As a collective with a vast network, we build teams that include writers, editors, brand advisors, designers, photographers, and video producers.


An award-winning author, editor, and media strategist  Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is known for her organization and implementation of high-level projects. She applies her deep knowledge of traditional editorial approaches and the neuroscience of storytelling to work with individuals, brands, and executive leadership teams to strategize principle narratives that naturally extend from brand values. Brand stories become the foundation of thought leadership and digital content strategy. She started StoryMade Studio, her boutique storytelling studio because she recognized a need among the growing number of companies and thought leaders for compelling content that inspired an emotional connection with audiences.  Her areas of expertise are women’s advocacy and health, with a particular emphasis on writing that humanizes science and technology, but she loves any project whose goal is to make a positive impact on the world. 

 As a media strategist and editorial director, she builds teams of writers, editors, and designers to manage the creative process and editing of all elements of a media product. As a veteran journalist and magazine editor, she has written for the New York Times, the New York Observer, Newsweek, New York, Vogue, Outside, and Wired. Rachel has held editorial positions at Wired magazine


She is the author of two books, In Her Own Sweet Time: Unexpected Adventures in Finding Love, Commitment and Motherhood (Basic Books, 2009) and Reconception: Modern Relationships, Reproductive Science and the Unfolding Future of Family (BenBella Books, 2023) She graduated with honors in English Literature from Kenyon College and received a masters in journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. While at UC Berkeley, she was an assistant editor to Clay Felker, the founder of New York magazine and the Felker Magazine Center. She founded and produced Words on the Waves, Litquake’s first literary festival, held onboard the world-renowned houseboat community in Sausalito, California.


Craig Hickerson is a San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker and lover of stories that stir the spirit. Beginning his career in documentary film in 2006, Craig worked at the award-winning production company Actual Films. He has since been credited in documentaries featured at festivals such as Sundance and Toronto International and in projects televised on outlets such as the National Geographic Channel and PBS. Craig’s experience both in the field and the editing room has given him a unique and rounded perspective on how to approach and complete a project. From filming stories of refugees in Egypt during the Arab Spring to food growers in Greenland’s

frigid climate, Craig is determined to capture the uniquely human moments essential for telling a compelling story
on screen. 
Craig completed his master’s degree at the UC BerkeleyGraduate School of Journalism. View Craig’s work at

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