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New York Magazine:Meet.Mate Multiply:From Single to Family of Three in Less Than Two Years

It’s a truism that everything moves faster in New York—everything, that is, except relationships, those one-step-forward-two-steps-back negotiations, eternally bumped down on our list of priorities. Now a subset of the generation that has put off marriage is changing the way they make families. Anxious not to miss out on domestic life, they are speeding into life’s next act in less than two years; sometimes in just a few months. It’s a defiantly pragmatic approach to a decision many people tiptoe into slowly. But those who take the leap say that they are not merely settling, that old-fashioned term for jumping at the first decent marital option.

For them, a superfast courtship—and subsequent insta-family—just makes good sense. It’s an attitude a bit more akin to arranged marriage, except that the bride and the groom are the ones doing the arranging.

Optioned By Happy Madison Productions in 2012.

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